We Care About our Impact.

Establishing a social enterprise, while striving to lessen our impact on the environment, has unearthed a lot of inspiring concepts and ways of operating for the better. 

This is what Kidunified is doing (so far) that we can feel really good about:

  • Kidunified puzzles are made from 100% recovered, recycled raw materials (for instance, the items that go into your blue bin).  This paper is sourced within North America, Europe, and when available, Canada.
  • To top-off our puzzles, we print using vegetable based inks.  
  • Our puzzle bags are reusable, with further uses in mind (some ideas include:  to collect treasures from a hike, to store fidget toys, to pack a snack...)
  • Our suppliers are also small-medium sized businesses, located right here in Canada too. 
  • We only make what we can sell, which minimizes waste and lessens our impact on the environment. 

When your puzzle is ready for a new home, please pass it along to a friend, library or community centre. Once it's time has passed, reuse the bag for other items, and recycle everything else!

If you have an innovative way of being a part of our supply chain, please get in touch.  We will be glad to hear from you!