Our Values

About Us

Kidunified® has set a higher standard for inclusivity and belonging in toys, with fun, educational puzzles for kids.  We are providing DEI / DEAI resources beyond what has ever been tried in the toy industry -- where not all children feel included or represented in their world of play.

Our learning resource toys support parents, caregivers, therapists and educators as they answer some of children’s big life questions. 

Our puzzle games for kids include a value-added extension activity allows kids to further engage with our sweetly illustrated characters -- affectionately called the Kidfolk™ -- who represent a variety of cultures, ethnicities, disabilities, and gender expressions.  

Thank you for finding us here, and for supporting our social enterprise! 

We Care About our Impact

Kidunified® fun, educational puzzles for kids, welcomes more children to see pieces of themselves and their community while they play.

Our Values

  • Kindness above all else.
  • Think like a child.
  • Lead with your heart.
  • Learn everyday. 
  • Take responsibility.


This is what Kidunified® is doing (so far) that we can feel really good about:

  • Kidunified puzzles are made from using vegetable based inks.  
  • Our suppliers help us select paper products that can be recycled when children are done playing with them.
  • We only make what we can sell, which minimizes waste and lessens our impact on the environment. 

When your puzzle is ready for a new home, please pass it along to a friend, library or community centre. Once it's time has passed, please recycle it!

If you have an innovative way of being a part of our supply chain, please get in touch.  We will be glad to hear from you!

Photo Credit to: WM Markets