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"My mission is to create the most inclusive puzzles for kids. I wish for all kids to see beautiful pieces of themselves in our puzzles, and for them to recognize that they belong."

Ashley Ferraro Kizis // Founder + Social entrepreneur // Kidunified®

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  • Shadi Ramirez // Mom + Therapist, MSW, RSW

    "When I work with your beautiful puzzle at work with my kiddos and their families, I use a series of reflective questions that encourage healthy and open ended conversation around topics that are so fantastically represented in the puzzle."

  • Matthew Wren // Dad + Deaf Entrepreneur

    "I love Kidunified®, not only as a deaf person and puzzle lover, but also for the representation of the disabilities. A puzzle with a cause and awareness is what the world needs today and it's so inspiring to see."

  • Tina Pannu // Mom + Puzzler

    "This was the perfect puzzle for my son! Something so therapeutic about this puzzle. For Jordan putting this together is the main goal, but for me as a parent, talking about the actual illustration will be so important and will open up many conversations as he enters Grade 1."

  • Kayla Serr // Mom + Puzzler

    "This is 100000% something I would buy without question
    for our home and would make the perfect gift for classrooms, too!! Truly - as an LGBTQ+ family and a mom to a child with a disability, this sort of thing is so important to us and I can’t thank you enough for putting this out
    into the world."

  • Elizabeth Shih // Mom + MD

    "A wonderful puzzle (and activity prompt) for children. There
    is such careful attention to detail in the imagery to make all children feel represented."

  • Daniela Howard // Mom + Puzzler

    "The thoughtful design that showcases people of different ethnicities, abilities, and genders represented throughout the puzzle is heartwarming. Kudos to the creators for promoting inclusivity while delivering top-notch, great quality entertainment. I can't wait to explore more products from this thoughtful and compassionate brand!"

  • Tekla Hunter // Mom + Diversity and Inclusion Manager

    I bought your new puzzle via your Kickstarter today, and also wanted to buy the first puzzle (I’m very much into having complete collections).  I work full time in diversity and inclusion and am very inspired by your work – it’s so important for representation to happen early.  Looking forward to supporting your work for years to come.  

  • Steven Massa // Caring Adult + French Immersion Teacher

    "Love this more than words can say!!! Thank you for being such an awesome human & for making such an amazing quality product!

  • Katrina DeZeeuw // Mom + MD

    "I work in physical rehabilitation and love opportunities to explore diversity with my nieces (and planning the same with baby on the way) since there is so little representation out there.  Found out about you through a book club friend of mine."