Creative Makers

With Much Appreciation!

Kidunified™ is grateful for the keen interest and support of many folks!  Thank you to all of the family, friends, parents, caregivers, children (including one very special child to me), mentors, professionals, and the all around curious people who have encouraged Kidunified to believe, to disrupt, and to be brave.  Thank you so much!

A Few Wonderful Things about the Illustrator + Graphic Designer

Rhiannon White is a Guelph-based Illustrator, Graphic Designer and long lost relative of Peter Pan. She believes growing up doesn't mean growing out of finding magic in our daily lives. Rhiannon makes art in hopes of recreating and capturing some of this magic, and sharing it with others!

Rhiannon was thrilled at the opportunity of helping Kidunified™ create work that celebrates all kids! Being a neurodivergent artist/maker herself, she felt enormous gratitude creating alongside a company that values building and displaying a safe space for everyone.

If Rhiannon's not making art, you can find her cuddling her cat, drinking a warm cup of coffee, or on the hunt for the perfect sticker!

The Backstory from Kidunified's Founder


Thank you for your interest in Kidunified™ :)

There isn't just one reason I started Kidunified, there are more than a few.  For one, I love puzzles.  They are relaxing, engaging, satisfying, challenging and (in the Kidunified way) thought-provoking.  For me, putting together a puzzle is an athletic-like experience for my brain.  I love the feeling.  

Beyond this though, I wanted to begin exploring the circular economy - to explore if Canadians saw value in toys made right here in Canada.  And, they do!  You do.

I wanted my child's toys to better reflect their friends and the community.  

I wanted to give back in a way that I am capable of.  I am not an artist -- my skills are in bringing people together to create something meaningful, that they can all be proud of. 

I am a parent, a partner, and perhaps an altruist.  I am also a realist.  Our lived experiences are unique, beautiful and broken.  I will never know what it is like to walk in someone else's shoes.  However, I can listen to others. I can learn.  And, I can strive to create better products for many folks to enjoy. 

My hope is that within a Kidunified puzzle, children (and adults alike) will see beautiful pieces of themselves.   That they will feel that these puzzles are uniquely for them.  For them, and for everyone. 

I believe we are: together, in brilliant pieces™ . 

For my child and yours,

Ashley Ferraro Kizis

Founder, Kidunified™