Meet the Team

Kidunified™ is grateful for the keen interest and support of many folks -- family, friends, parents, caregivers, children, mentors, professionals, academics, and all folks who have encouraged Kidunified to believe, to disrupt, and to be brave. 

Community Review Committee

Our puzzle games for kids are so beautifully diverse with thanks to the kind, thoughtful and professional folks who volunteer on our Community Review Committee!

These folks either they themselves, their children, and/or the kids they work with and care for, identify with the Kidfolk illustrated in our fun puzzles for kids.  They offer insight, expertise, and thoughtfulness, as well as a common passion for inclusion, equity, accessibility, and diversity for kids.

Thank you for lending your time to our social impact puzzles!

Elizabeth Shih // Mom + MD

Opal Downer // Teacher + Artist

Confidential // Disability Advocate

Matthew Wren // Dad + Deaf Entrepreneur

Shadi Ramez // Mom + Therapist, MSW, RSW

Confidential // Mom + Teacher

Tina Pannu // Mom + Puzzler

Join In!
If you love Kidunified puzzles for kids, would enjoy being a part of the illustration review process, have a passion for DEI / DEAI, and want to talk about our puzzles with your friends, please email: .


About our Founder + Social Entrepreneur 

As a parent, ally, and social entrepreneur, Ashley Ferraro Kizis believes in raising kind kids -- especially her own sweet kiddo.  With a BA in Media, Information and Technoculture, and certification in Broadcast Journalism, Ashley is educated in the impact that the media has on kids, and strongly believes in Marshall McLuhan’s famous quote, “the medium is the message.” 

Following success and positive receptivity of Kidunified™’s first puzzle (The Children’s Makers Market), Kizis launched Kidunified’s second puzzle (Mission: Inclusion) into both Canadian and US markets with a fully funded campaign on Kickstarter this past Fall!

Kidunified™ strives to better represent more children in the puzzles they play with. This includes: gender expressions, ethnicities, cultures, and disabilities.

Ashley in overalls with a big smile and hands on waist.  Her portrait is in the shape of a puzzle piece.

About the Illustrator + Graphic Designer

Rhiannon White is a Guelph-based Illustrator, Graphic Designer and long lost relative of Peter Pan. She believes growing up doesn't mean growing out of finding magic in our daily lives. Rhiannon makes art in hopes of recreating and capturing some of this magic, and sharing it with others!

Rhiannon was thrilled at the opportunity of helping Kidunified™ create work that celebrates all kids! Being a neurodivergent artist/maker herself, she felt enormous gratitude creating alongside a company that values building and displaying a safe space for everyone.

If Rhiannon's not making art, you can find her cuddling her cat, drinking a warm cup of coffee, or on the hunt for the perfect sticker!

About the Brand and Kickstarter Campaign Design Consultant
Christine Lieu is the expert behind CL Designs and the Brand Party Podcast. She's a graphic designer who's traded in climbing the corporate ladder for climbing mountains around the world. Christine helps purpose-driven businesses create cohesive branding, web design, and social content to drive your impact and sales. As featured in Top 10 Canada Design, the Brand Party Podcast delivers fun, honest, to-the-point advice that you can implement RIGHT AWAY in your entrepreneurial journey.

Christine was excited at the opportunity of helping Kidunified™ consult and mentor on their overall brand and marketing to amplify their purpose and human-centric approach to creativity.