Unique Puzzle Features

Purposefully designed with calming tones.  
We selected a pleasing colour palette to help encourage calm and focus.  While we cannot prove it yet, folks have mentioned their child's sense of calm while working on the puzzle.

Visually more inclusive.  
We followed several design best practices, to hopefully include more folks with visual impairments, who may otherwise have difficulty seeing the illustrations.  

Thoughtful characters. 
We put our hearts into representation - fostering discussions about diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, while seeking feedback from folks who either they themselves (or their children) identify with the Kidfolk™ characters. 

Value add extension activity.  This puzzle comes with a fun search activity for when the puzzling is complete.  Find as many of the gadgets and assistive devices as you can, and learn how they assist kids along the way!  A lovely resource for teaching kids about disabilities. 

A classic piece count.  
Based on detailed research, and personal experience, we selected a 100 piece puzzle for kiddos ages 5-12+.  It's great as an independent activity; although (in my opinion), building this puzzle can be a lot of fun when completed together! 

A puzzle for the ages.  
Kidunified® puzzles are intended from ages 5-105, because we believe that learning can happen at any age.  More specifically though, the Kidfolk™ characters are based on an 8-year-old's body.  Therefore, the puzzle is welcoming to both elementary and middle-school children ages 5-12. 

Bilingual EN+FR/AN+FR.  

Our puzzle set is ready for both english and french friends. Simply flip the inserts for the same content offered in either language.  

Classroom ready. 
At 19 in. by 24 in., this puzzle fits on the desktop of a standard school desk! (*Note: desk sizes may vary.)